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Giving a voice to our pets

In Veterinary

In absence of verbal communication of animals, it’s difficult to rate their pain level during an operation.

The PTA index was created to monitor animal comfort during surgery by measuring their parasympathetic tone of the ANS, to control the nociception and anticipate analgesia  needs to improve outcomes of the animals.

Mdoloris Technology measures the autonomous nervous system in the O.R.

Response to Nociception


Time between heart beat to heart beat changes due to ventilation. This phenomenon is known as heart rate variability and is controlled by the ANS.


MDoloris Technology is based on heart rate variability analysis; The PTA index is able to measure the parasympathetic tone activity of the animal, concerning dogs, cats and horses.


The PTA index express the relative parasympathetic activity of the animal. The total energy of the ANS is shown in the screen of the monitor.

Proven benefits for you and your patient

Titrate analgesics
Detect Discomfort in awake animals
Accurate detection of nociception
Predict hemodynamics reactivity