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Our solutions

Our Solutions using ANI products

The ANI (Analgesia Nociceptor Index) is an innovate parameter that allows assessing the level of comfort in hospitalized patients.

For Operating room

Improve peri and post operative results in the Operating room. The ANI (Analgesia Nociception Index) system provides real-time feedback on the adequacy of sympathetic and inflammatory stress blockade during surgery.


For Intensive Care Unit

Take control of the metabolic stress in the ICU & PICU. MDoloris technology allows displaying two indexes: the ANI, which is related to the parasympathetic activity, and the Energy, which represent the global ANS activity.


For non hospital approaches

The use of MDoloris Technology is not limited to pharmacological improvement and optimization during surgery; it also has a natural place without recourse to drugs.


Our solution using NIPE products

The NIPE (Newborn Infant Parasympathetic Evaluation Index) has been developed to evaluate and monitor the parasympathetic part of the Autonomic Nervous System of babies to ensure total comfort at this critical age.

For Neonatology

The number of preterm infants is increasing; these babies are fragile as they are born with a weak parasympathetic system. Be aware of the Well-being of infants.


Our solution using PTA products

Our PTA index (Parasympathetic tone Activity) allows optimal management of analgesia during animal surgery, which induces a better revival and facilitates the animal recovery.

For Veterinary

Giving a voice to our pets.
In absence of verbal communication of animals, it’s difficult to rate their pain level during an operation.