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Nociception monitoring


Our neonatal standalone solution for the NICU. Built to ensure the total comfort of newborns till 2 years old.

The NIPE (Newborn Infant Parasympathetic Evaluation Index) has been developed to evaluate and monitor the parasympathetic part of the Autonomic Nervous System of babies to ensure total comfort at this critical age.

NIPE Index from 26 weeks
gestational age to 2 years old





NIPE values

NIPEi : Instant drop of the NIPE value Parasympathetic tone in percentage of the ANS in the last 2 minutes

NIPE values

NIPE : Parasympathetic tone in percentage of the ANS in the last 20 minutes

Quality Signal

The quality signal depends of the operation’s environment

NIPE Measurement

The parasympathetic tone measurement is represented by 2 indicators : NIPE & NIPEi respectively the average activity of the ANS in the last 20 minutes and the NIPE value in the last 2 minutes.
The clinician must be able to assess what they see and disregard subjective impressions. Pain scores can often vary for the same patient, as individual nurses may perceive responses differently.

The NIPE monitor V1 provides an index based on an electrophysiological signal and evaluates continuously. This ensure a consistent and objective rating of patient comfort / discomfort available all time

Nb : The energy must be between 0 and 4 for an interpretable NIPE


The NIPEm is the general view of the ANI trend. It permit to observe the evolution of the NIPE during the surgery, being less volatile than the NIPEi.


The NIPEi permit by itself to consider the exact instantaneous reaction  of the patient during the surgery, meaning a short period of discomfort, will be visible in the NIPEiindicator in the minute following.


Scientifically, the Energy is represented by the standard deviation of the cardiac variability over the last 64 seconds. In other words it represents the power of the parasympathetic tone.

NIPE Measurement Benefits

Recent studies have brought to determine 4 majors NIPE benefits :

Evaluation of the Newborn Parasympathetic Activity
Evaluation of the newborn autonomic response to prolonged pain
Detect nociception
Evaluation of the state of comfort / Discomfort of the patient