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MDoloris Technology

In non hospital environment

The use of MDoloris Technology is not limited to pharmacological improvement and optimization during surgery; it also has a natural place without recourse to drugs.

Many non-pharmacological therapeutic strategies have been developed to improve patient comfort, as our body is able to produce its own endorphins. But despite scientific evidence (such as the use of hypnosis during surgery), no reproducible measures were yet available to monitor the effectiveness of these many techniques on patient comfort levels.

MDoloris technology has been studied in many pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches.

Imagine you could monitor your patient’s level of discomfort in a very simple and intuitive way and monitor the therapeutic impact of the gesture or technique?
Light therapy, acupuncture, hypnosis, relaxation techniques could all (and many more) benefit from MDoloris Technology. As MDoloris technology can monitor the impact (positive or negative) of a strategy and the changes made, the patient or his family could therefore also benefit from an objective observation and follow-up.
ANI Guardian brings this MDoloris Technology on such non pharmaceutical usage and can also be used by CRO for clinicians investigators.

The power of ANI Guardian

MDoloris Technology, in its wearable form, represents a giant step forward to quantify patient comfort and indirectly patient pain and poor Quality of Life. It helps patients, carers and family, therapists of all disciplines to monitor and follow up an individual “comfort / pain- equivalent” biomarker over time.