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Nicole Innerhofer : Expert in inflammation, volume management and HRV, Dr in anesthesia in hospital insbruck.

Summary of his interview... key points:

Nociception monitors are important due to the activation of the sympathetic system which will cause inflammation causing problems postoperatively.

With MDoloris we have the analgesia with the ANI value and with the energy value their physical reserves, to identify them as frail and protect them. I can only do it if I can measure, and only can be measured with MDoloris technology.

Not all devices are equal in this kind of monitoring. We need more than pain monitors as pain in uncouncious patients does not exist , we need sympathetic/parasympathetic balance measures because we can not influence what we cannot measure.

Mdoloris is non invasive, can be applied in any patient and give me this autonomic balance information so then I can influence it ,that is what matters.

Wireless device might be very useful for the ward.

Closed loop system will improve the outcomes of the patients always under supervision of course.