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Prof Jan Paul Mullier Sint Jan Hospital, Bruxes and linked to Gent University

Summary of his interview... key points:

Only awake patients can suffer from pain, uncouncious patients need nociception monitors as this will produce an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system, so we need to avoid sympathetic stress, and for that we need autonomic nervous system monitors as the MDoloris technology to avoid inflammation and that surgical stress.

Every patient going under anesthesia should be measured the ANS balance as this will have an impact in morbidity and mortality but as well in the time required to go to normal activity.

Not all devices are equal, MDoloris technology (HRV) is able to measure the ANS balance in a very precise way, not the case for HR or BP, skin conductance is not that precise neither.

MDoloris technology value in the OR is already well known, outside the OR it might be very interesting in septic patients as it has been shown in covid19.

Close loop system will improve safety administering the right dose to each patient making an improvement in the personalization of analgesia avoiding infra and overdosing.This closeloop is what will be the real future.