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Francisco Almeida Lobo director of research at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, editor in chief of the journal clinical monitoring and computing and chairman for EURO SIVA.

Summary of his interview... key points:

Measuring nociception allow us to reach the personalization treatment improving safety

MDoloris technology uses a physiological background that allows a very friendly use and understanding  to clinicians. Evaluating the response of the ANS, and the stress events helps clinicans to continuously evaluate the nociception analgesia balance, prevent hemodynamic events and detect when that event is related to nociception or not.

Mdoloris technologies can be used outside the OR, in frail patients in preanesthesia consultant helping us to plan better the anesthesia of those patients. Same in ICU , obstetric patients..broad applications outside the OR.

Close-loop system is an old aim of anesthesiologists that will never replace anesthesiologist but will be an essential tool to improve their work and avoid possible human errors. Very important.