Masimo and Mdoloris Medical Systems


Mdoloris developed the ANI technology and made it available on Root as a MOC-9® expansion module. ANI quantifies parasympathetic tone and autonomic nervous system activity through analysis of the brief and rapid heart rate variations induced by each respiratory cycle (spontaneous or artificial). Use of the ANI may help clinicians improve patients’ outcomes, anticipate hemodynamic reactivity, diagnose the etiology of a hemodynamic event and anticipate post-operative pain.

The ANI is a numerical value between 0 and 100. Studies have shown that for an unconscious patient under general anesthesia, the target values are between 50 and 70.1-4An ANI below 50 corresponds to an opioids failure and is predictive of hemodynamic response, while an ANI higher than 70 suggests an opioid overdose. For the conscious patient, ANI reflects acute pain and stress level. The target values are between 50 and 100; an ANI value approaching 100 reflects optimized patient comfort.