Our technologies are the results of several years of research and development.

Rewarding more than 23 years of academic research, conducted in the Lille University Hospital, Mdoloris Medical Systems is an innovative start-up created in June 2010. Our mission is to provide technologies allowing clinicians a reliable, continuous and non-invasive evaluation of patients’ pain and comfort. The objective is to customize the therapeutic to avoid adverse effects of over or under dosing of these drugs. Our technologies make sense when patients are unable to express the pain felt.

Adult and Pediatrics

The ANI technology (Analgesia Nociception Index) is an innovative technology that allows assessing the level of comfort in hospitalized patients.

Whether an unconscious patient under general anesthesia or an awake patient in the recovery room, our medical device finally proposes an electro-physiological way and an objective assessment of the analgesic coverage.


Masimo x Mdoloris : ANI MOC-9

We are delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with Masimo. This exciting collaboration has led to the development of the ANI MOC-9, a module which tracks a patient’s parasympathetic nervous system tone through the ROOT monitor.



The pain and discomfort evaluation of the newborn is essentially based on hetero-evaluation grids. However, the use of these scales is limited by their subjectivity . This is the reason why our medical device, the Newborn Infant Parasympathetic Evaluation index (NIPE) has been developed.

This index is computed from the electrocardiogram signal recorded by the multi parametric monitor and provides a value that corresponds to the patient’s wellbeing, from birth to two years old.



Behavioral rating scales models are widely biased by their subjectivity and by the clinical context, which inhibits the behavioral response of the animal. The challenge for veterinarians is to assess objectively the pain experienced by the animal, especially during surgery. The PTA technology (Parasympathetic Tone Activity) allows an optimal management of analgesia particularly during surgery, that therefore induces a better revival and facilitates the animal recovery.