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First worldwide company of continuous and non-invasive pain monitoring systems, for conscious and unconscious patients.

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Mdoloris Medical Systems is the first worldwide company to be able to provide clinicians continuous and non-invasive pain monitoring medical devices. Indeed, among the three components of anesthesia, analgesia was the last non-objectively measured nowadays. With our monitors, it is the first time that a clinician is able to objectify the pain felt by the patient and thus to administer individually adequate amount of pain killer drugs.

Becoming the global key player in the management of analgesia thanks to pain monitoring.
Mdoloris Medical Systems is present in 59 countries and has more than 300 academic hospitals as clinical partners. Discover our Technologies

After 23 years of research, the CIC-IT of Lille University Hospital has developed a patented technology able to monitor the pain experienced by a patient, conscious or not. It is from this discovery that was born Mdoloris Medical Systems.

Carried by the bio-incubator “Eurasanté” since late 2008, Mdoloris Medical Systems has been launched on 1 June 2010. In June 2009, the future company won the OSEO Emergence contest. A few months later, in January 2010, the company was prize-winner of the Springboard Companies contest then of the Entreprendre Nord network in March 2010. In June 2010, the company was again winner of the OSEO Creation Development national contest organized by the Education and Research Ministry.

In September 2010, the products get the CE mark, which allows distribution on the market. In December 2010, the technology was awarded in the victories of medicine. In March 2011, the ANI monitor V1 of Mdoloris Medical Systems was awarded during the Innovation Week’s inauguration held in Lille. In 2013, the ANI has been elected as one of the most innovative technologies of the last ten years in Russia. In 2014, Fabien Pagniez (CEO) received the trophy of the entrepreneur of the year.

ISO 13485 certified

The ISO 13485 standard sets out requirements regarding the organization of a quality management system. It recognizes the ability of Mdoloris Medical Systems to provide products and processes more and more qualitative and in compliance with regulatory requirements. It also ensures that everything is daily implemented to optimize the safety of marketed devices, from conception to obsolescence of its products.

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